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– Monitae Employee Performance Amplified Review

Product Snapshot


Monitae Employee Performance Amplified is available on-premise and as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Medium-sized Business, Enterprise

About Monitae Employee Performance Amplified

- Monitae Employee Performance AmplifiedAnyone managing a team knows how difficult it is to align the company strategy with the employees’ individual goals and personal circumstances.
Furthermore, they face the employees’ bad habit of creating information silos, where people just keep the information to themselves and don’t share it with the rest.
Finally, employees often don’t feel that their efforts are being recognized and rewarded This is why employee retention sometimes becomes such a challenge to recognize who the best performers are and then acknowledge them, which helps to secure their interest in the company.

About Monitae
Monitae is a business performance tool used to create a work environment that encourages full employee engagement.

Monitae Employee Performance Amplified Key Features

  • Monitor Performance – Challenge your team with a sales contest and get the most from them. Select what behavior needs to be changed to achieve success
  • Set Targets – Decide on achievable goals and identify best performers. We have more than 3.000 KPI’s to inspire you about what could be measured
  • Communicate Progress – Use a simple and easy to navigate dashboard. Get all the information you need on the road. Take action in minutes, not hours
  • Share Winning Strategies – Capture and spread top achiever best practices. Help talented employees transform the entire company and share their knowledge

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