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– Myrrix Recommender Engine Review

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About Myrrix Recommender Engine

- Myrrix Recommender EngineMyrrix Recommender Engine makes product recommendations based on real-time customer behavior, similar to Amazon’s unique suggestions based on recent purchases. The platform works with Apache Mahout and Hadoop to compile a variety of algorithms for the system to provide targeted recommendations.

Myrrix began as an open source project in 2005 called Taste. In 2012, the company launched its Recommender Engine.

Myrrix Recommender Engine Key Features

  • Collaborative filtering
  • Apache Mahout and Hadoop
  • Multi-layered architecture
  • REST-style API
  • Within HTTP server
  • HDFS cluster
  • Elminates “ratings” feature
  • Recommendations can be made immediately after first data point
  • Support for temporary users; history not required
  • Non-numeric data

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