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Product Snapshot


Netsmart myAvatar PM is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Hospitals and Health Systems, Medical Billers, Physicians.

Select Customers

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, Washoe County Department of Social Services, Mercy Behavioral Health, Arizona State Hospital DMH, Betty Ford Clinic, Geminus, Pinelands Community Service Board, Comprehend, Frontier Health.

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About Netsmart myAvatar PM

- Netsmart myAvatar PM Through innovative technology and physician expertise, Netsmarts’ myAvatar PM provides a suite of applications to meet the practice management needs of medical providers. With extensive services such as reporting, appointment tracking, and outcome analysis, myAvatar PM provides efficient solutions for the administrative tasks of all types of behavioral care environments. Through the role-based experience, myAvatar PM allows users to customize their desktops to fit the specific needs of their roles in an organization. In addition, myAvatar PM automates tasks such as billing and client management, allowing for greater time efficiency and worker productivity. Netsmart myAvatar PM is 2011-2012 Drummond certified for being a complete ONC-ATCB certified EHR.

About Netsmart
Netsmart is located in Kansas and assists health organizations in improving efficiency and productivity in patient care through coordinated, collaborative, and effective practice management services. Netsmart’s motto is “EveryDayMatters”; meaning every day should focus on developing relationships, innovation, and leadership in an organization. Through focusing on community research and desires, Netsmart makes solutions that have both physician and patient input. Working with over 18.000 clients in over 40 states, Netsmart is working towards helping millions of patients. Netsmart is ARRA certified and serves a variety of clients to make sure that its solutions help medical providers meet all the criterions for meaningful use.

Netsmart myAvatar PM Key Features

  • Role-Based Experience
  • Client Management
  • Practitioner
  • Billing/Billing Products
  • Simplified Billing Steps
  • Scheduling/Scheduling Reports
  • RADPlus Management Tool
  • RADPlus Management Tools
  • Appointment History Tracking
  • Bed Management Options

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