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Open Sky Skyware Inventory Review

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Open Sky Software Skyware Inventory is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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Open Sky Software works with companies of all sizes.

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About Open Sky Software Skyware Inventory

Open Sky Skyware Inventory Open Sky Software Skyware Inventory is a full inventory management software solution that makes it easy to navigate through all your transactions. You start out by initiating a new transaction. You can attach receipts to a transaction, print the transaction out, and fill in details for the supplier. Additionally, you can add pictures, pricing information, and documents to each data object. Once that is done, you can then pull up histories by item, take inventory, and go through all your records. Lastly, Open Sky Software Skyware Inventory can export all your inventory data as a spreadsheet.

About Open Sky Software
Open Sky Software was founded in 2000. The company puts out SaaS products for supply chain management, accounting, and payroll.

Open Sky Software Skyware Inventory Key Features

  • SaaS inventory management software solution
  • Starts out by making a new transaction
  • You can fill in transaction information on items, pricing, supplier, and more
  • Can print out each transaction and add documentation to it
  • Displays inventory count for each item
  • Can pull up transaction history by the part
  • Can export inventory data in a spreadsheet

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