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Platform is available as an on-premise solution.

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Platform works with small and mid-sized businesses across multiple industries.

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About OpenCms

OpenCms OpenCms is an open source web CMS with a fully browser based user interface that can help users build and maintain their webpages. The platform allows users to create content through the core program’s WYSIWYG editor and template engine and deploy the program in any open source environment.

The software provides businesses with tools to pick and choose modules from the company’s database and add them to installation. Additionally, the platform allows companies to work with third-party modules and develop and submit their own for the community.

About the Company

OpenCms was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Germany.


OpenCms Key Features

  • Based on Java and XML technology
  • Deployed in an open source environment as well as on commercial components
  • Shared folder for owners of multiple internet or intranet sites
  • Select the modules to add to installation from the OpenCms and third party developer add-on databases
  • Modules include support for workflows, RSS, file uploading and more
  • Subscribe to individual content items and get notifications when changes occur


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