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– Panorama NovaView Review

Product Snapshot


Panorama offers both SaaS and on-premise versions of NovaView.

Customer Focus

Panorama’s applications are geared towards upper-mid to large-sized business entities.

Select Customers

Aerosoles, Avis, Gannett Newspapers, John Hopkins University, Nestle, Pfizer Brazil, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sankyo

Customer Case Studies

Baltika Breweries, Israel Police, Institute For Tourism Zagreb

About Panorama NovaView

- Panorama NovaViewPanorama’s business intelligence solutions are available in both cloud-hosted SaaS and on-premise versions

Panorama NovaView, its comprehensive web-based package, provides advanced analytics, “smart reporting” of data analysis with the ability to export to various formats, interactive and collaborative dashboards and integration with the Microsoft Office suite. NovaView as a Service offers the same functions only as a remotely hosted solution as opposed to on-premise.

About Panorama
Panorama got its start in 1993, establishing a close relationship with Microsoft through its sale of its OLAP technology, a relationship the two companies maintain today. The company provides both SaaS and on-premise business intelligence users and is the only vendor developing applications specifically designed for Microsoft platforms.

The 2000s saw continued growth for Panorama, with the vendor expanding in 2003 to offices in Canada, the U.K. and Barbados and providing a complete and integrated business intelligence solution for SAP in 2006. Currently Panorama has more than 1,600 customers internationally and wide-ranging partnerships in 30 different countries.

Panorama NovaView Key Features

  • Self-Service-oriented interface cuts down on IT involvement in daily use
  • Functionality as either SaaS or on-premise BI solution
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft SharePoint environment
  • Support for analyzing data through SQL Server Analysis Services with all Panorama solutions
  • Certified instructor-led training courses for all Panorama solutions

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