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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Sage HRMS Payroll.



– PayChoice Encore Payroll Review

Product Snapshot


PayChoice Encore Payroll is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

PayChoice works with small and mid-sized companies.

PayChoice Encore Payroll

- PayChoice Encore Payroll PayChoice Encore Payroll is a full payroll software solution designed and built by payroll professionals. The program supports an unlimited number of earnings, departments, pay schedules, and data fields for each entry. Additionally, you can set options for time off accruals and date-activated payroll functions. For benefits and HR, employees can perform self-service and view their pay histories and other assorted payroll data. Lastly, PayChoice Encore Payroll lets workers log in their own hours via online timesheets.

About PayChoice
PayChoice has been helping over 150,000 clients with their payroll for over 20 years.

PayChoice Encore Payroll Features

  • SaaS payroll and HR software solution
  • Supports unlimited earnings, deductions, taxes, departments, divisions, scheduled pays, and deductions
  • You can enter an unlimited number of data fields for each system data object
  • Can set schedules for date-activated payroll operations
  • Acts as a centralized database for all HR and payroll data
  • Time off and benefit accruals
  • Handles all employee benefits
  • Workers can use self-service web portals to pull up their company histories and enter timesheet data

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