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– PivotLink Retail Performance Management Suite Review

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PivotLink works with large enterprises in the areas of food, retail, and pharmaceutical

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About PivotLink Retail Performance Management Suite

- PivotLink Retail Performance Management SuiteThe PivotLink Retail Performance Management Suite is designed to provide retailers with in-depth business performance insights. The suite comprises four modules: RetailMETRIX uses over 60 retail metrics and KPIs to analyze your business’s performance; Customer PerformanceMETRIX helps you build brand loyalty with customers by identifying key behaviors and trends; DataCLOUD provides demographics data for customers; and AnalyticsCLOUD provides you with dashboards for analyzing business data.

About PivotLink
PivotLink designs analytics solutions for businesses that lack a high level of IT support. The company hosts the annual PivotLink Customer and Marketing Analytics Summit for companies interested in marketing optimization applications. PivotLink’s investors include StarVest Partners, Trident Capital, Pelion Venture Partners, and Emergence Capital Partners.

Retail Performance Management Suite Key Features

  • Built-in insights using Using PivotLink’s DataCLOUD™ service
  • Data integration from 3rd-party sources
  • Customer segmentation and drilldown
  • Brand sentiment data and weather feed integration

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