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PlanSwift Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • $950 (1 License)
  • $1,900 (2 Licenses)
  • $2,850 (3 Licenses)
  • $3,800 (4 Licenses)
  • $4,750 (5 Licenses)

PlanSwift is an on-demand software

Customer Focus

PlanSwift is designed specifically for the construction industry.

About PlanSwift

PlanSwift PlanSwift provides companies with the tools necessary to complete more precise and accurate bids every day. PlanSwift allows companies to efficiently and easily perform material takeoffs and estimate material quantities.

About PlanSwift Corporation
PlanSwift is a product of PlanSwift Corporation, the nation’s fastest growing developer and vendor of digital estimating and takeoff software. PlanSwift is located in over 10 different countries with over 5,000 clients who depend on their product for construction management.

PlanSwift Key Features

  • Drawing Arcs and Freehand
  • Export to Excel
  • Overlays
  • Multiple Sections
  • Estimating Tools
  • Send Plans
  • Notes
  • Triangulate Tool
  • Magnify Tool
  • Batch Renaming of Plan Files
  • Moving Nodes
  • Multiple Overlays
  • Planroom Integration
  • Subtracting from an Area

Products Similar to PlanSwift

  • Max Black

    Purchased this software and found that you need to be more than a little good with excel. If you are not a wiz at excel formulas and writing them then this is not the software for you. The database is insufficient and is a major undertaking for a builder or GC who is involved doing all types of material takeoffs. I don’t recommend this product if you fall into this category. There are other packages available with comprehensive databases for a little more money, but the time you will save in developing a database is well worth it.