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This product is no longer available
This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– Platformic Review

Product Snapshot


Product is delivered as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor offers Web content solutions for sports media, radio stations, businesses, and organizations seeking to create social Web portals.

Select Customers

Comcast Sports Group, Fox Sports, Peak Broadcasting, University of Florida, Fox Sports Music, Lincs FM Group, Broadcast Company of the Americas, Local Media San Diego, CKUA Radio Network

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- PlatformicThe Platformic Content Management System delivers everything you’d expect from a CMS, along with a broad set of features and an innovative approach to content storage. Platformic believes its “content feed” to be the cornerstone of the Platformic CMS. With the content feed, content data is stored separately from the presentation code, which allows the content to be used in different formats across the site, or network of sites. This approach reduces the presence of redundant content in the system, saves time and adds flexibility. Additionally, the Platformic CMS presents users with more than 30 tools for displaying information and site content. These include a blog/feed, a calendar tool, comment feed, forum tool and keyword search box.

About Platformic Inc
Platformic is a San Diego-based Web Content Management company. One of Platformic’s central offering is its online Web development environment (OWDE). Its site designer allows nontechnical users to create Web sites quickly without requiring knowledge of HTML or proficiency in coding, but without sacrificing flexibility or professional design standards. Platformic was founded in 2007.

Platformic CMS Key Features

  • Ad Server Position
  • Archive Tool
  • Blog/Feed
  • Building Block
  • Calendar Tool
  • Comment Feed
  • Contest Tool
  • Feed Slideshow
  • Form Tool
  • Forum Headline Tool
  • Forum/Message Board
  • Full Text Tool
  • Gallery 2.0
  • Gallery Tool
  • HTML Code Drop
  • Keyword Search Box
  • Landing Pad
  • Login Block
  • Media Player
  • Multi-Feed Tool
  • Navigation Tool
  • Podcast Feed
  • Podcast Multi-Feed
  • RSS Feed Pull
  • Scheduled Content Tool
  • Simple Text Tool
  • Tab Set 2.0
  • Tag Feed
  • Video/Blog Feed

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