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Projector Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

$15/month (Team)
$25/month (Professional)
$30/month (Enterprise)


Projector is delivered on an on-demand SaaS platform.

Customer Focus

Projector PSA works with small and mid-sized businesses.

Select Customers

Performance Development Group, PerotSystems, Luxent, Optaros, Bentley

About Projector

Projector Project accounting, resource scheduling and enhanced project management come together with visibility, control and integration to give your company a successful professional service business with Projector. Designed by professional services professionals for professional services firms, Projector delivers powerful solutions to help service organizations better manage their businesses.

Projector PSA has 3 different modules and 3 separate layers, each to provide information and answers about different parts of your business. Use the project accounting module to track time and expenses to date and bill clients for all time invested. Use the resource scheduling module to search for qualified people to assign to an important project. Projector’s project management module delivers the capability to control every detail of your projects.

About Projector PSA Inc.

Founded in 2003, Projector PSA Inc. is a professional services automation company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Originally a part of AGENCY.COM, Projector PSA was created solely to focus on improving the professional services automation experience for businesses. Answering PSA needs for over 10,000 users and 150 professional services companies, Projector PSA is the useful solution for the real world of professional services management.

Projector Key Features

Project Accounting Module
  • Easily track time
  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Customize time and expense workflow approval
  • Budget and track expenses automatically
  • Collaborate with project managers
  • Resource Scheduling Module
  • Dashboards and macro-level tools provide answers about supply and demand
  • Match projects with qualified people
  • Scheduling is easy with day-to-day organization
  • Project Management Module
  • Easily import and export from Microsoft
  • Model, design, assign and display projects
  • Track performance of projects
  • Performance broken down by activity
  • Email alerts when close to being over budget
  • Collaborate with clients
  • Control Layer
  • Access all company information
  • Control access to data
  • Workflows are customizable
  • Full visibility to changes
  • Visibility Layer
  • See most important tasks for the day
  • Customize dashboards
  • Use the reporting module to analyze data
  • Share numbers simply
  • Emails sent to keep everyone on task
  • Integration Layer
  • Access Data at all times
  • Use a single system to merge reports
  • Synch multiple systems
  • Integrate with legacy systems to extend their use
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