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Ai2 ProSel Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing varies for each client depending on customizations and other factors. Ai2 is glad to provide a detailed proposal once they understand each client’s requirements.



Customer Focus

Medium-sized Business, Large Enterprise

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Ai2 ProSelProSel is designed for any company that has a sales force or customers placing orders on a regular basis. The app gives you fast and easy order entry and communication, presentation resources, image and video display, a fast catalog search, bar code scanning and more.

ProSel works on or offline and is not just a browser-based app. It’s native on the iPad. This means you don’t need to have Wi-Fi or 3G coverage to use the app. ProSel interfaces with the ERP software system you already have. With this iPad sales app, you can find any item in seconds, even if you sell 75,000 items.

About Ai2

Ai2’s suite of enterprise mobility solutions was developed to help distributors and other businesses increase sales, productivity and profitability. Their goal is to make the sales and order entry process fast and easy whether it is your retail customers or mobile sales representatives who are responsible for building and sending orders.

If your outside sales force does not take regular orders, Ai2 solutions support a consultative approach and assist each sales representative with presentation and organization of their materials.

ProSel Key Features

  • Build orders with the tap of your finger or a Bluetooth bar code scanner. Send them with Wi-Fi or use 3G from AT&T or Verizon.
  • Sync with the home database on demand, quickly and easily.
  • Automate your sales orders, return, credit and payment collection paperwork.
  • Get rid of all the expense, labor and errors that come with printing paper promotional materials.
  • Share .PDF, .JPEG, .XLS and .MOV files and marketing content with your salespeople and customers.

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