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– Quantivo Web Analytics Review

Product Snapshot


Quantivo’s product line focuses on remotely hosted SaaS solutions using patented technology not based off Hadoop architecture.

Customer Focus

Quantivo focuses on mid and large-sized companies who conduct their business primarily through online sales, retail, wholesale or warehouse distribution in a variety of industries.

Select Customers

ASOS, RAPP, Kohler, Party City, Orange, Simplicity Creative, Manheim Auctions

About Quantivo Web Analytics

- Quantivo Web AnalyticsQuantivo Web Analytics analyzes the behavior of online customers to provide the means for website optimization and online sales increases through improved user experience. The information provided by Web Analytics attempts to be more valuable to operations by following the Quantivo trend of taking in data from multiple disparate sources. In this way Web Analytics has the ability to extend its behavioral analysis to customers’ offline activities and how one influences the other. In so doing Quantivo markets Web Analytics to customers whose businesses “straddle online and offline marketplaces.”

About Quantivo
Quantivo’s roots as a company date back to BigFix, a Big Data company purchased by IBM in 2010. With Quantivo CEO Dave Robbins offered cloud-based business intelligence solutions. After beginning with a focus on data analysis for retail vendors, the company expanded its service to also target prospective customers in the marketing, insurance and online sales industries.

Quantivo offers solutions in customer behavior analysis, marketing optimization and web data analytics. Central to Quantivo’s approach is speed. The company’s solutions boast the ability to deliver analysis of large data sets “within hours, not weeks.” This quick performance is combined with a simple drag-and-drop, web-based user interface which virtually anyone in a company’s command structure can use.

Quantivo Web Analytics Key Features

  • “360-degree view” of customers through cross-channel analysis
  • Real-time tracking of website activity
  • Detailed line-item data reports on customer activity
  • Ability to respond to website activity in real time
  • Relevant as both online and offline analysis tool
  • Multi-website analytics


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