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– ReadyPulse Review

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Product is a cloud based solution and does not require additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Customer Service Managers, Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers.

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About ReadyPulse

- ReadyPulse ReadyPulse is a “Social Testimonials Marketing” solution that works with online retailers in order to help them grow, curate, and showcase customer testimonials so as to continue building their fans and followers while also driving engagement. The platform uses social networks such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook in its marketing campaign management.

Based in Bellevue, Washington, ReadyPulse has won several awards, as well as recognition such as the “Global 250 Companies to Watch” list from AlwaysOn. ReadyPulse has also received the “Hot Vendors for 2012” recognition by Aragon Research.

ReadyPulse Key Features

  • Product Catalog Integration
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Testimonial Applications
  • Brand Identification
  • Testimonial Widgets
  • Testimonial Showcase
  • Revenue Tracking

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