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Fujitsu RunMyProcess Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution.

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About RunMyProcess

Fujitsu RunMyProcess RunMyProcess is Paas (Platform-as-a-Service) software that supports end-to-end digital systems and is equipped to build device independent applications. The platform is designed with a drag-and-drop application designer that enables users to create applications for mobile devices, tablets, PCs, wearable tech and any other smart devices.

The software is equipped with intuitive process, data and code designers, and provides users with 1000+ pre-built connectors for integrating with on-premise systems, cloud services, social networks and IoT-enabled devices. Additionally, the platform is equipped with embedded NoSQL data support, supports continual delivery, testing and change processes, and assists users with resource management across development, testing and production phases.

About the Company

RunMyProcess, a Fujitsu company, was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Paris.


RunMyProcess Key Features

  • Control access management settings and tools
  • Enterprise directory integration capabilities
  • Resource and data control
  • Built-in Enterprise Process Store to enable users to download applications
  • Report generation and tracking tools
  • Multi-tenancy and built-in security settings


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