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– SAP Sybase RAP Data Analytics Review

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SAP Sybase RAP meets the needs of organizations of all sizes in various industries.

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About SAP Sybase RAP

- SAP Sybase RAP Data AnalyticsSAP Sybase RAP offers real-time data analysis of capital markets to make smart and quick trade management decisions. The solution creates a comprehensive view that incorporates historical and current data, as well as any other factor impacting your risk management and market analysis (i.e. your position in the market).

Founded in Berkeley, CA, in 1984, Sybase was the first software solutions company to deliver licenses to the Human Genome Project. Bought by SAP in 2010, Sybase continues to develop software and mobile solutions. Sybase was named a leader in the SD Times 100 for innovation and technology leadership.

SAP Sybase RAP Key Features

  • Various aggregate functions for application development
  • Functions for time series analytics
  • Outlier detection
  • Model adjustments
  • SQL-based approach
  • Commonly used data preparation and models
  • Optimized columnar store
  • Data compression that reduces I/O
  • Scale-out query

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