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SAS Business Intelligence Review

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SaaS, Enterprise Hosted or On-Premise

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Tens of thousands of small to global enterprises in 130 countries and across multiple industries use SAS products for their business intelligence, analytics and reporting needs.

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Photobucket, T-Mobile USA, GE Healthcare,, Dow Chemical, Nestle, Humana, AstraZeneca, Kelley Blue Book

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PhotobucketT-Mobile USA,

About SAS Business Intelligence

SAS Business IntelligenceSAS Business Intelligence provides powerful self-service tools for collecting, managing, analyzing and reporting data relevant to the continued success of organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry. Driven by comprehensive integration capabilities that easily organize data from multiple and varied sources, SAS Business Intelligence enables fast-paced, informed decision making at all levels of business. Predictive analytics, forecasting, statistics, text and data mining and optimization are just some of the features offered by SAS’s highly configurable dashboards and other presentation tools that are fully mobile-equipped and easy to share with roles-based security.

About SAS
SAS provides a suite of analytics and business intelligence tools that operates on all platforms using a multivendor architecture. Its products are deployed across over 55,000 sites worldwide, and serve 90 of the top 100 organizations on the 2011 Fortune Global 500 list. With support from over 12,000 employees in 400 offices across the globe, SAS offers all of its customers on-demand, one-on-one support. With solutions for cloud, in-database processing, high-performance analytics and unstructured data, SAS remains committed to the latest in analytics technologies. SAS began its career as a privately held entity in 1976 after turning a university project, or “statistical analysis system,” for agricultural use into a full-fledged company.

SAS Business Intelligence Key Features

Enterprise Business Intelligence

  • Customizable dashboards and portals
  • Visualization of business structure
  • Dedicated interface for OLAP storage and data exploration
  • Manage metadata
  • Reporting accessible via desktop or web
  • Mobile-capable analytics
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office and SharePoint
  • Robust querying tools
  • Multiple options for deployment
  • Assistance for initial setup, customization, analysis and model development

MS Office Analytics

  • Use Microsoft Office to access SAS Analytics tools
  • Verify results using Outlook; enables collaborative decision making and monitoring of compliance status
  • Manage data using Office
  • Easy-to-use, familiar graphics and reporting features
  • Guided analysis and model development for power users
  • IT-level metadata management with no prior programming knowledge

Visual Analytics

  • Tap into the power of the SAS high-performance LASR Analytic Server
  • Integrated, singular user hub
  • Visually dynamic data drill-down
  • Explore big data environments
  • Architect and distribute reports via the web
  • Mobile intelligence capabilities
  • Data administration for IT level

Visual Business Intelligence

  • Overcome data limitations with visual analytics
  • Dynamic, interactive graphics
  • Comprehensive toolkits make for unique trend identification that goes beyond year-to-date charts
  • Visuals-based data filtering and querying
  • Model and configure data to summarize and analyze business relationships

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