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Savant Software Savant WMS Review

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Savant Software works with small, medium, and enterprise companies in the fields of retail, medicine, and food and beverage.

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Sanrio, Sierra Nevada Brewing, Ajinomoto, Arizona Iced Tea

Savant Software Savant WMS

Savant Software Savant WMSSavant WMS is a modular automated warehouse and distribution solution for businesses of all sizes. By eliminating the need for manual WMS-related paperwork, this program reduces errors, boosts productivity, and displays an up-to-date, accurate view of your inventory. The core software system handles inventory, order fulfillment, receiving, and system administration. Purchasable modules include support for ASN, RFID, 3PL, shipping manifest, QA, and tracking. Savant WMS can also handle a number of functions automatically, including cycle counting, zone management, box building, cross-docking, and more.

About Savant Software
Savant Software started in 1987 and was founded in Phoenix, AZ. Savant Software develops a number of inventory and warehouse software solutions. Savant WMS was first developed in 1997 and has since been used in distributions chains across the globe.

Savant WMS Key Features

  • Core system with separate purchasable modules
  • Automates a number of warehouse functions
  • Customize setup screens, reports, and labels
  • Provides easily accessible warehouse data in real-time
  • Scalable client/server architecture

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