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– Servora Content Management and Security Review

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Vendor works with small and medium-sized companies in the fields of wholesale, assembly, and ecommerce.

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Servora Content Management and Security

- Servora Content Management and Security Servora Content Management and Security makes it easy to share and find your company files. The software uses a centralized platform for file storage, allowing access to your company’s data any time. File management tools include a search engine, system logs, user-defined access controls, and support for multiple folders. To ensure your data’s safety, the platform employs 128-bit SSL certification, firewalls, and other security measures, along with regular full database and system backups.

About the Company
Since 2004, Servora has been providing on-demand CRM and ERP solutions for businesses. Initially, the company was formed as a reaction to companies’ troubles with managing business workflows. The company uses a hybrid of business intelligence, technology, and operational services to meet their customers’ needs.

Servora Content Management and Security Features

  • Centralized file storage platform where you can share documents, images, and more
  • Program tools make it easy to find, download, and organize files any time
  • Tools include download logs, a search engine, and security controls
  • Employs multiple security features, such as URL encryption, firewalls, and user authentication
  • Full database backups every 20 minutes and full system backups every week

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