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Speedy Solutions Speedy Organizer Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • 1 Business Professional – $48
  • Up to 3 users – $118
  • Up to 5 users – $197
  • Up to 10 users – $294
  • Up to 25 users – $594
  • Up to 50 users $1082

Speedy Solutions Speedy Organizer is an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

SOHO, Small Business, Medium-sized Business, Enterprise

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About Speedy Solutions Speedy Organizer

Speedy Solutions Speedy OrganizerThe basic “filing rules” that were applied to your paper filing systems are very simple, but nevertheless extremely important. These same rules are absolutely needed in your digital document environment to ensure easy and fast access of all of your digital documents. Speedy Organizer automatically applies “filing rules” to digital documents that already exist in a windows file folder, as well as when they are being scanned in and created from paper originals. These processes will dramatically increase both employee efficiency and significantly increase the speed by which business information flows thru your company. The result is all of your business transactions are completed more quickly, more efficiently and more cheaply. Allowing your business to do more transactions with far less resources. The ultimate result is doing more business with less cost, which equals greater profits.

About Speedy Solutions
Speedy Solutions is a company that is dedicated to the ongoing research, development and distribution of Digital Document Management products and systems that enable all companies to improve their efficiency, accuracy, reliability and security of one of their most valuable assets, information and documentation. Speedy Solutions was established in 2003. Since that time Speedy Solutions has been developing and distributing products designed as part of our Practical paperless office approach for businesses large and small.

Speedy Solutions Speedy Organizer Key Features

  • Seamless interaction to store documents with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Gmail, Google Docs, Adobe PDF, QuickBooks and more
  • Documents will always be at your fingertips all of the time
  • Retrieving and searching for documents has never been easier or quicker
  • Documents can now be with your clients, suppliers, and employees in minutes rather than days
  • Secure access to critical or confidential documents by automatically assigning administrative and user IDs

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