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TheAppBuilder Review

Product Snapshot


The software is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

The company works with multinational, enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

British Airways, Deloitte, Visa, Michelin, Sodexo

About TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilder TheAppBuilder is an application development software solution that builds apps for employees and clients. Users can create apps that track employees, display presentations for customers, manage events and showcase product lines. As these apps are developed, the program can maintain their builds in a library database.

When apps are ready to go live, users can share them across the enterprise and push out updated builds as needed. All app content and usage is fully secure, and each app can contain separate environments for public and private content. Lastly, the platform can outsource all app design operations to a team on the TheAppBuilder staff.

About TheAppBuilder
TheAppBuilder was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London.

TheAppBuilder Key Features

  • SaaS application development software solution
  • Builds apps for workers and customers
  • Can display presentations, employee activity, events and product lines
  • Maintains all app builds in a library
  • Easily shares apps and distributes build updates at an enterprise level
  • Secures all app content and traffic
  • App design can be outsourced to the TheAppBuilder team


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