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Velocify Lead Manager Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Product is available in multiple plans:

  • Standard – $60 per user per month
  • Advanced – $95 per user per month

Product is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with companies of all sizes and across multiple industries.

Select Customers

First Direct Lending, Zuman, MedPro Disposal, BBMC, Ritchie Bros Financial Services


About Velocify Lead Manager

Velocify Lead Manager Velocify Lead Manager is lead management software that automates routine communication processes and tasks. The platform is equipped with an inbound and outbound dialer, click-to-call functionality, and local presence numbers.

The software allows users to set pre-recorded voicemails, as well as utilize text and email communication triggers. Additionally, the platform facilitates communication across multiple channels, automates status changes in order to ensure pipelines are accurate, and is equipped with data visualization tools.

About the Company

Velocify was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in El Segundo, California.


Velocify Lead Manager Key Features

  • Real-time report and analytic generation tools
  • Lead source, top conversion, and ROI analysis
  • Contact strategy optimization
  • Team performance evaluation capabilities
  • Integrates data from web lead forms and marketing automation systems
  • Prospect deduplication tools
  • Lead score calculation
  • Lead distribution and prioritization tools
  • Custom workflow development and automation


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  • Jay Dunsing

    Velocify Consulting-Creating simplicity, efficiency, reporting and consistency of use.

    I have been an administrator on this system since 2005. I
    have used the system at a high level longer than anyone in the U.S. The system can be used in any industry in B2C or B2B that needs to manage their leads.
    It can be used for inside sales or far flung outside sales reps. Proper use of Velocify will be a game changer if the system is set up properly.

    Jay Dunsing V Consulting 630-936-0621

    Pros-Top product features:
    – Totally customizable to any industry or work flow (use
    your company language)
    – Shotgun connect (increases speed to call)
    – Pull Distribution (leads can be shared based upon criteria)
    – Click to Dial (increases calls made by users)
    – Lead Prioritization (management sets criteria for which
    leads are priority)
    – Reporting (various canned and ad hoc reports)
    – Status specific and smart drip email
    – Ease of use (ramp up time for users 2-5 days)
    – Blast email capability
    – Local caller ID (customer sees local area code on caller
    – Lead distribution (granular lead distribution capability)
    – Calendar Events/Reminders (via dashboard, email, pop-up or
    phone call)
    – Pre-recorded voice mail messages
    – Many other features

    Cons-While I personally have not had an issue with customer
    support, I have heard that some companies have had issues. Support requests are done via email. Your request/issue has to be spelled out very
    clearly. It’s difficult to talk with a
    live person.

    Ease-of-use–If the system is set up correctly, it is very
    easy to use. Less is more in the initial setup. There can be a lot of moving
    parts behind the scenes that have causal effects. A well-thought-out strategy
    for using Velocify is needed upfront.

    Functionality–The system is feature-rich. Most companies
    don’t use all the features provided effectively.

    Product Quality–In my opinion, Velocify is the Cadillac of
    the lead management space. The company regularly enhances the product features.