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– Visible Technologies Visible Intelligence Review

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Visible Intelligence is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation

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Visible Intelligence works with large enterprises and agencies, powering social media for more than 180 customers

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About Visible Technologies Visible Intelligence

- Visible Technologies Visible Intelligence Visible Technologies Visible Intelligence is a social media management platform that helps businesses identify and act upon important insights and information within their social media realm. Its integrated platform enables users to monitor, analyze and take an active role in social media conversations by implementing communication strategies, measuring consumer sentiment and developing targeted messages. The solution helps engage socially by identifying and prioritizing what needs to be responded to and by whom in addition to scheduled posts and collaboration. Software can be customized into an accessible dashboard, sent to users’ inboxes or integrated into an existing CRM system.

About Visible Technologies
Visible Technologies provides social media management services to a variety of Forbes Global 2000 companies across industries as diverse as automotive, pharmaceutical, retail and telecom. CEO Richard Pasewark is the former president of Cymfony, and CFO Laurie Cansler enjoyed previous stints with Likewise Software, Brueggerman and Johnson, and AT&T Wireless.

Visible Technologies Visible Intelligence Key Features

  • Monitor and measure performance: implement communication strategies, measure consumer sentiment, develop targeted messaging
  • Insights: multi-language, on-demand search and analytics, advanced filtering and segmentation, guided search navigation
  • Engage: identify and prioritize what needs to be responded to and by whom, Facebook and Twitter integration, scheduled posts, collaboration
  • Customer service
  • Account management and insight services

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