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Ivanti Wavelink Speakeasy Review

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Product is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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About Wavelink Speakeasy

Ivanti Wavelink Speakeasy Wavelink Speakeasy is voice application software designed to enable users to voice-enable applications and existing enterprise systems such as WMS and ERP. The platform is a multi-modal data-capture system that works to enhance the productivity of existing processes including barcode scanning and key entry systems.

The software is designed to recognize unique accents and dialects, and can be enabled on mobile devices. Additionally, the platform is 100% device-based and does not require a server to handle voice encoding or decoding.

About the Company

Wavelink, an Ivanti company, was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Utah.


Wavelink Speakeasy Key Features

  • Facilitates multiple tasks including picking apps, receiving, and cross-docking
  • Designed to integrate into an existing system without add-ons
  • Leverages mobile applications in order to interface directly with the host
  • Equipped to handle voice processing without dedicated voice hardware
  • Designed to be implemented and operational within 30 days
  • Supports running terminal emulation and web apps


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