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– Whatsnexx Marketing Platform Review

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Whatsnexx Marketing Platform

- Whatsnexx Marketing Platform Whatsnexx Marketing Platform allows your marketers to run campaigns on different channels within a single alert-based campaign management platform. You start off in the platform’s designer, where you can use one of many templates to create and design a campaign and traceable events. Using the Microsoft Azure platform, the program then notifies you of how the customer reacts to the events you planned (ie click on a newsletter or make a purchase). From there, you can use the software’s manager tools to view customer action data and accordingly formulate your marketing strategy and send personalized messages to the customer.

About the Company
Whatsnexx was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Montreal. The company is made up of technologists and marketing experts.

Whatsnexx Marketing Platform Features

  • Alert-based marketing campaign management platform
  • The single platform solution works across virtually any application (social media, e-mail marketing services, etc)
  • Whatsnexx Designer allows you to design marketing events and campaigns, all without requiring an IT background
  • The program uses a Microsoft Azure platform to track how customers are reacting to your marketing events
  • The Whatsnexx Manager aggregates customer event interaction data and allows you to communicate with the customer
  • Pricing for the program is based on usage (agile marketing)
  • Campaigns can be designed and launched within weeks
  • Integrates with your company’s current systems and applications

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