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Microsoft Azure SQL Database Review

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About Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Database is a managed cloud database designed to support application building and maintenance processes. The platform is equipped with built-in intelligence functionality designed to learn application patterns in order to adapt to application performance to increase reliability and data protection.

The software is designed to support increased application demand through on-the-fly scaling functionality requiring viritually no application downtime. Additionally, the platform enables users to build multitenant applications that incorporate customer isolation, application monitoring tools, and allows users to work within any preferred development environment.

About the Company

Microsoft was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington.


Azure SQL Database Key Features

  • Enables users to build security-enhanced applications
  • Provides built-in protection and security measures
  • Ensures users meet all regulatory compliance requirements
  • Allows users to build in any preferred programming language
  • Handles all SQL code patching and updating
  • Supports multiple structures including relational data, JSON, spatial and XML
  • Built-in intelligence optimization functionality


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