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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at 8x8 Virtual Contact Center.


– Zerigo Cloud Servers from 8×8, Inc. Review

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Product Pricing

Zerigo Cloud Servers are delivered with flexible pricing options. No setup fees, contracts, or long-term commitments are required.


Customers can choose between a 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. Customers also choose the OS with support for Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, or Windows.

Customer Focus

Businesses of all sizes leverage Zerigo Cloud Servers to answer their hosting needs.

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About Zerigo Cloud Servers from 8x8, Inc.

- Zerigo Cloud Servers from 8x8, Inc.Zerigo Cloud Servers from 8x8, Inc. deliver robust and feature-packed cloud hosting solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes. Zerigo Cloud Servers are simple to use and reliable. Organizations can configure hosting solutions to fit their particular needs and are guaranteed a minimum amount of CPU.

About 8x8
Founded in 1987, 8x8 provides affordable communications solutions to small to midsized businesses and large distributed enterprises. 8x8’s portfolio of products encompasses VoIP phone service, contact centers, hosting, video conferencing and unified communications solutions, backed by technology owned and operated by 8x8. 8x8 is committed to providing innovative solutions that deliver quality, reliability, and robust performance—all at an affordable price that is accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Zerigo Cloud Servers Key Features

Server Snapshots

  • Get a point-in-time view of the disk from your server
  • Take unlimited snapshots
  • Store a snapshot of an offsite backup of your server
  • Recover a single file by extracting the snapshot
  • Build a server clone as a Xen instance by extracting the snapshot into a loopback image or LVM volume
  • Save configurations as a snapshot to use for new servers
  • Rebuild servers using the snapshot

RAID-10 Storage

  • Get better performance and reliability
  • Get guaranteed full RAM allocations
  • Get a guaranteed minimum amount of CPU power
  • Access a pool of idle CPU resources when needed
  • Leverage a next generation architecture with a RAID-10 disk configuration
  • Leverage dual-core RAID controllers with battery-backed write-caching

Automated Provisioning

  • Build a server immediately
  • Upgrade or downgrade a server at any time
  • Easily upgrade a server to fit growing needs
  • Leverage automated server rebuild
  • Automate soft and hard reboots
  • Accelerate recovery from out-of-memory conditions
  • Use AJAX-powered or Java-powered web consoles to get access to a server at console-level

Windows and Linux

  • Choose the architecture and OS that best fit current and future needs

IPv4, Native IPv6, Private Networks

  • Get a dedicated IPv4 address
  • Leverage a native IPv6 netowrk
  • Automate the configuration of a reverse DNS
  • Build a private network between multiple servers
  • Leverage datacenters that are redundant and UPS and diesel generator backed

Full Server Access, SSH Keys

  • Get full root access for every Linux server
  • Get full Administrator and Remote Desktop (RDP) access for every Windows server
  • Install separate kernel modules
  • Automatically add a public SSH key and add it to the root user

Out-of-Band Web Console

  • Access a web console 24/7
  • Leverage a standard HTTPS to access servers, even through restrictive firewalls

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