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The Best Bug Tracking Software for 2015

Computer viruses may the bane of your existence and if you’re into software like us, you want them eliminated. Luckily, there are many kinds of bug tracking software vendors to handle those pesky bugs. The challenge is to find the best one that fits your business.

Zoho BugTracker

BugTracker is defect tracking software that allows administrators to set trigger updates and email notifications, work with third-party applications and utilize pre-set rules where applicable. The platform provides a consolidated view of all bugs, team progress tracking tools, and milestone setting and management tools.

– Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker

Axosoft OnTime Bug Tracker is a defect tracking software solution that works throughout the bug reporting lifecycle to rid applications of issues. Whenever a user sees a bug, the user can report it through the program and assign a developer to fix it.

– Serena Issue and Defect Management

Serena Issue and Defect Management is a defect tracking software solution that works from capture to resolution. After users submit bug reports, the program can route the reports automatically to working developers. Users can then track the statuses of their cases and see all developer actions in full audit trails.

TechExcel DevTrack

DevTrack is defect tracking software that tracks projects that include multiple people, projects, clients and teams. The platform facilitates team and stakeholder communication and collaboration activities, manages, prioritizes and follows tasks and bugs through the development lifecycle, and assists users with creating projects, sprints and user stories designed to drive development.

– Fixmo AppZone

Fixmo AppZone is a part of Fixmo EMP and helps you secure every process that is a part of the mobile app lifecycle.

– IssueNet

IssueNet is a fully customizable solution for issue management and tracking that has multiple applications for data schemas, workflows and UI elements.

Using Asana for Applicant Tracking

Asana’s versatility allows us to use it for a wide variety of work, from simple lists to complex projects. One of our favorite uses for Asana internally is for tracking our applicant pipeline.

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