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4 Tried and True Business Trends for 2019

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Nividous RPA

Nividous RPA is a robust business process management solution that has the capability to re-engineer core business processes by automating high-volume, repetitive, manual functions with cognitive bots. The Nividous RPA Bots are quick to configure, make zero mistakes, and work seamlessly with any existing interface, delivering speed and flexibility to a wide range of existing processes.

7 Tips for Organizational Adoption of New Software

Introducing a new software that will be used by multiple members of your organization can be tough, but also necessary […]

Tigerpaw One

Tigerpaw One is business intelligence software that combines the best features of CRM, PSA, and BPM software into one system that streamlines how users deliver IT and technology services. The platform helps businesses keep track of project assets and share important documents between stakeholders, as well as helps users keep track of time on projects, manage inventory levels, and create and send project proposals.

Here’s How Employee Management Software Improves Employee Engagement

According to a recent survey, employee engagement has a direct influence on a company’s overall revenue. Thus, employers can work […]

KeepSolid Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner is a business productivity app for managers and entrepreneurs that will help users to build marketing, business development and product vision roadmap, and show off it to the team and stakeholders. The platform helps users put together a strategy for success, create a simple picture of business vision and development, and present plans to teams quickly and easily in a visually appealing form.


Align is business process and project management software that offers business growth management and strategic planning solutions designed to help scaling businesses focus on the priorities that matter. The platform provides users with a personal dashboard that allows each individual user to pick and choose what information and updates are displayed based on each user’s priorities and interests, as well as allows users to add and assign tasks and keep track of team progress.

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PurchaseControl is business process management software built to increase efficiency by automating all purchase order processes stages, as well as provides users with the tools to report, plan and analyze company business plans. The platform is designed to be simple-to-use, eliminate bottlenecks, drastically reduce paperwork, and accomplish purchasing tasks on the go.

SBI Platform

The SBI Platform is fully integrated business process management, inventory and retail management software that provides companies with a customized solution that is user-friendly, Excel-like and easily adaptable. The platform is designed to solve real supplier and merchandiser problems no matter how specialized the issue, works on any device such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, and enables users to self-manage their company, users and apps.