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Higher Logic Online Communities

Higher Logic Online Communities is online community software that enables users to build a secure, dynamic and private online community for their customers, members and prospects. The platform is equipped with rules-based logic and automation rules, tracks conversion metrics, and allows users to create a private social network and user directories.

Srimax Software System Output Messenger

Output Messenger is a private, secure, client-server model corporate messenger that drives employee engagement and is designed to work on any device within the user’s network. The platform integrates with Active Directory, enables users to reply to or forward any message, and allows users to set reminders through Sticky Notes.

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty Cloud

Customer Loyalty Cloud is customer marketing software that provides users with a fully integrated customer loyalty, referral marketing, and user generated content management system. The platform is designed to optimize the customer journey and to deliver a unified customer experience, a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content, and high-quality and resilient customer relationships.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is online quiz authoring software that enables users to create and share interactive quizzes and is designed to support educators, trainers, educational institutions and businesses. The platform enables users to create multiple types and styles of quizzes including scored quizzes, public quizzes, personality quizzes, opinion surveys, polls, online tests, assessments and educational exams.

Neovation Corporation SmarterU LMS

SmarterU LMS is learning management software designed to be tailored to suit user- or company-specific training needs. The platform allows users to import SCORM/AICC/xAPI and PowerPoint courses, is equipped with an online course builder, and supports user-unique URLS.

Curricula Aware

Aware is cyber security awareness training software designed to teach organizations how to protect their systems from hackers and other cyber threats. The platform is story-based and allows users to customize episodes towards company-specific policies and procedures, as well as include a set of marketing tools designed to promote security awareness throughout the company.

CRMGamified Hurrah! Leaderboards

Hurrah! Leaderboards is a CRM, gamification and sales software platform that draws data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and displays performance indicators, sales accomplishments and marketing and customer service teams’ metrics. The platform utilizes customizable audio and visual components to track and display real-time commercial performance of individuals, teams or entire company.

– Kinesis Community

Kinesis Community is an online community engagement solution that works with Kinesis Panel to help users better understand online communities. Once users build their panels using the Kinesis Panel tool, the Community module can start to deploy engaging online content to groups of people. This content is device agnostic and works across social media and web channels.

3 Apps that Gamify Daily Tasks

Utilizing gamification enables companies to engage their audience. Here we showcase three businesses with apps that gamify daily tasks of managing energy costs, learning a new language and ordering delivery.

Understanding the Benefits of Gamification Software

In the realm of business software, applications of gamification include score-based and reward-driven activities, which have been proven to boost employee morale and increase individual performance. We discuss the benefits of gamification software as the method continues to grow in popularity across different industries and applications.