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– Get Satisfaction Customer Engagement Platform

Get Satisfaction provides customer engagements tools for a variety of communities, including marketing, support, ecommerce, and product.

CallidusCloud Badgeville

Badgeville is CRM software designed to facilitate more engaging user experiences on web, mobile, and enterprise applications. By implementing reward mechanisms similar to those found in the typical gaming experience, the platform works to promote productivity among employees while boosting positive consumer activity in the customer base.

Bunchball Makes Your Company More Engaging With Gamification

We take a look at Bunchball and how its gamification platform, Nitro, can turn your website or workplace into a tool that drives certain behavior and increases productivity.

How Lithium Helps Brands Engage with Social Customers

Social media has changed the name of the customer service game; companies who want to survive and thrive can no longer simply broadcast their messages to their current and potential customers. Lithium helps brands engage their followers and transform their customers into passionate brand advocates by harnessing the power of social.

– Lithium Platform

Lithium Platform is a community forum and social media management solution that helps your business engage with customers by delivering engaging and compelling experiences across channels.