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RippleHire is a gamification software solution that is designed to boost the number of employee referrals for open company positions. If workers see a job posting and know people who may be good fits, they can send referrals to their contacts through email and social media.

Rio SEO Social Activate

Rio SEO Social Activate is a gamification software solution that boosts engagement with online brand advocates by rewarding them for engaging in branded social media activity. Each time users put out social media content, brand advocates can share it with their friends.

Community Forum or Social Media: Three Essential Buying Questions

Similar to how a bird feeder functions, community forum and social media platforms enable your customers to interact and offer feedback. A feeder provides a gathering area for birds to congregate and converse, just as your online community allows clients to “Tweet” among one another and share their experiences.


Funifier is an out-of-the-box gamification software solution that provides access to APIs, allowing companies to connect Funifier with other applications that they use. The platform allows users to use triggers and widgets to add the game mechanics to third-party applications such as email clients, Microsoft Office, social media networks and HTML.

4 Must-Have Features of Gamification Solutions

When it comes to shopping for an effective gamification solution, it’s important to keep in mind the key features of gamification software that you should not be willing to sacrifice. Having the right features to assist you in designing a great gamified program will steer you in the right direction, making it much more likely that your program succeeds.

Lithium Communities

Lithium Communities is a web engagement management and gamification software solution that is designed to boost relationships with online audiences. The program comes with a number of page and design templates users can install on their websites.

– Mindjet SpigitEngage

Mindjet SpigitEngage is a gamification software solution that is designed to foster collaboration in work environments. The program encourages workers to submit their own ideas for solving problems. After everyone has sent in a proposal, the entire company can vote on the most popular solutions. People who accrue high vote totals earn points on leaderboards and virtual currency that can later be redeemed for prizes.

– Monitae Sales Motivation Application

Monitae Sales Motivation Application is a gamification software that monitors employee performance and enables brands and companies to understand, track and optimize their sales performance. Employees often feel that their efforts are not being recognized and employers can sometimes have a hard time determining who are the best performers.

Get People Talking: Why An Online Community Matters

While social media offers a number of marketing opportunities for your business, these platforms cannot replace an online community. Here’s how they can help you improve product awareness and grow your customer base.

– PeopleLinx

PeopleLinx is a web engagement management and gamification software solution that uses social media channels to build brand presence. The program starts out by suggesting ways to make corporate social media profiles as professional as possible for users.