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– OneSite SocialCore Network Platform

SocialCore Network Platform is a community forum software solution that allows users to build complete community websites. At the start, users can create webpages through a WYSIWYG editor, manage online content, set up design themes and integrate social media channels into pages.

Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is a gamification software solution that uses incentives to motive sales reps. At the start, users can implement leaderboards, profiles, badges, levels and challenges across sales teams. Then, reps can then go through sales-related tasks to earn points and increase their leaderboard rankings.

– Xactly Platform

Xactly Platform is a comprehensive gamification software solution designed to boost sales operations by encouraging reps to be more productive. As sales reps interact with leads and contacts, users can set sales goals, assign points to sales-related challenges, install leaderboards and track reps’ progress through tasks.

BigDoor Loyalty Program

BigDoor Loyalty Program is loyalty campaign and gamification software designed to drive new registrations and enable customers to advocate the user’s brand by sharing activity and inviting friends. The platform is equipped with a built-in branded onboarding module, A/B testing tools, a referral widget and social recruitment tools.

BigDoor Loyalty Campaign

BigDoor Loyalty Campaign is loyalty campaign software that utilizes non dollar-backed programs instead of spend-and-get programs, and provides users with a system that allows companies to reward customers for engagement activities, friend referrals, content consumption and advocating the brand. The platform delivers ROI analysis on registration, engagement and retention, as well as proprietary cohort analysis and robust analytics dashboards.

Let’s Talk Tango Card: Behind the Software with CEO David Leeds

The gift card industry is transitioning to a new kind of gift card — one that is digital and redeemable in a variety of ways. We chatted with the man on the forefront of this revolution, Tango Card CEO David Leeds, about digital gift cards’ influence to the workforce, not only in providing incentive but also in the cards’ ability to give to nonprofits, shop locally or do a combination of both.

Behind the Software Q&A with Vanilla Forums CEO Luc Vezina

With a modern user interface, social integration and robust mobile access, Vanilla Forums is changing the face of community forum software for the better. Despite the potential setbacks caused by new social trends, Vanilla has emerged as an industry leader in the forum segment. We spoke with CEO Luc Vezina to learn more about the company behind the forums.

Tango Card RaaS API

The Reward as a Service (RaaS) API is a digital gift card API designed to work with the user’s existing apps and platforms already in place. The platform enables users to create and fund customers, enables users to manage multiple customer accounts, and provides access to a catalog of multiple reward types including e-gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations.


Disqus is a community forum software that integrates with Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger and other websites. The platform allows users to work with quick configuration, drag-and-drop tools and an architecture designed for both bloggers and publishers lacking technical experience and trying to manage their online communities.


Hoopla is a gamification software solution that uses data analytics, game mechanics and motivational philosophy to help motivate a company’s workforce. The program features full graphics, sounds and mechanics that can be used to create contests and games.