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best heavy construction estimating software

InEight HD Estimating

HD Estimating is project and cost estimating software that enables companies to establish standard processes and estimating methodologies in order to optimize build cost models and processes. The platform provides users with role-based templates, common views, central resource rates and industry-specific libraries.

ProEst Estimating

ProEst Estimating is construction estimating software that facilitates constructing bidding processes by creating estimates, performing digital takeoffs, storing project drawings and managing bid day processes. The platform utilizes one SQL database, standardizes the estimating processes, and provides users with summary views that display estimate totals by cost types including material, labor, subcontract or other costs.

Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates construction estimating software that allows users to create and edit estimates while in-field on multiple devices including computer, tablet and smartphone. The platform enables users to create proposals utilizing company logo, scope of work and boilerplate language, and is equipped with customizable templates and pre-loaded proposal text.

Bid4Build Estimator360

Estimator360 is construction cost estimating software built on enterprise-grade technology and cloud architecture, and is equipped with data integrity and security measures to protect against security threats and data breaches. The platform is designed to integrate with Stripe in order to facilitate secure online payment processing, and is built with encryption technologies as well as two-factor authentication access measures.

Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating is a construction estimating software solution that allows users to quickly draw up quotes for construction projects. At the start, users can perform electronic takeoffs to generate construction layouts.

– Meridian Systems WinEst eTeam

WinEst eTeam is a price estimation solution for companies that work with collaborative estimations.

– Meridian Systems WinEst

WinEst solutions make it easy to generate and maintain detailed project estimates with a friendly user interface that streamlines cost information gathering

What’s the best software for bidding and management of government work?

There are a lot out there but not many are government work. We are General contractor going after federal work.

What package would you advise that gives a job-costing option?

Need easy-to-use accounting package, but boss also needs me to job-cost projects within the Construction sector.