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MFT: A Smarter Way to Send Large Data Files

Does your business face problems while sharing large data files? You’re not alone, which is why we are here to […]

Stellar File Repair Toolkit

Stellar File Repair Toolkit is a combination of four data center and IT management software solutions designed to repair corrupt MS Office files and zip files. This toolkit can help uses to fix corrupted MS Word (.doc/.docx), MS Excel (.xls/xlsx), MS PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx/.pptm) and zip files (created in WinZip) without changing the original file properties.

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is data center management and IT software that provides companies with an efficient three-step solution for repairing corrupt MS Excel sheets (.XLS/.XLSX) without causing any modification in their original properties. The comprehensive Excel repair tool can help users repair a batch of MS Excel files collectively in one-go.

Stellar SQL Database Toolkit

Stellar SQL Database Toolkit is a bundle of three SQL database tools to recover, repair and restore all SQL database objects. The toolkit efficiently repairs corrupt SQL database, extracts database components from corrupt SQL backup and helps to reset SQL Server admin and user passwords.

Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks® Software

Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks® Software repairs corrupt .QBW file and restores all the components without altering the original file format. The QuickBooks® recovery software works on a secure algorithm to recover components of company file such as company information, customer information and related transactions, vendor information and transactions as well as employee information and transactions.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair is database repair software designed to repair corrupt and inaccessible MDF and NDF files of MS SQL databases. The platform is designed to work for every database corruption scenario, restores deleted records without modifying the original hierarchy, and is built to scan the user’s corrupt database in order to create and display a tree-like structure of recoverable items.

Understanding and Using The Most Popular Tools in Softaculous

With over 400 scripts and 1,000+ PHP classes, Softaculous is a well-known suite of systems, software and tools. It functions […]

CellarStone Inc QXchange

QXchange is data integration software designed with a simple, intuitive user interface that maps data through drag-and-drop functionality. The platform facilitates data conversion with Excel-like functionality, and transfers data between many standard data formats and applications including Excel, comma delimitated flat files, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, QuickBooks, and

DataResolve Technologies inDefend

inDefend is a unified suite that provides users with data center management and IT security solutions. The platform equips companies with a complete cyber security system and intelligence tools, a real-time data feed provided on a daily basis, and provides users with a controlled environment for information outflow on various channels and portable devices.

– Stytch

Stych is data analytics software that allows users to send data from both on-premise and cloud-based locations, as well as automate data transfer through the platform’s ready-made Connectors. The platform allows users to create data relationship models, generate and share reports, and customize dashboards that reflect real-time data updates.