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Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform

Overview of Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform

Enterprise Content Management Trends in 2015

Listen — do you hear that noise? Yes friends, that distant rumbling is the sound of oncoming change in the exciting world of enterprise content management. Below, we’ve compiled an overview of the ECM industry’s next evolutionary steps, so that you can select the right solution for your company.


Cloudfind is an ECM software solution that allows Salesforce to work with Dropbox and Google Drive so that users can maintain all sales-related files. As users interact with files across their cloud drives, the program automatically applies tags to each piece of content through the aid of algorithms.


Accellion is an ECM and collaboration software solution that is primarily designed to work across mobile devices. After files and content are uploaded into the program, users can edit, view and print them from a mobile-friendly UI.


uStudio is an Enterprise Content Management software solution that allows users to build, maintain and share libraries of online videos. After users upload their videos into an online database, the program can tag them, index their text descriptions and store them into files and directories.

2015’s Top 5 Enterprise Content Management Vendors

To help clean up your office, we’ve included a list of the industry’s leading five enterprise content management vendors. The solutions range from the robust to the minimalistic and from the most functional to the most flexible.

– Perceptive Content

Perceptive Content is an ECM software solution built to handle documents, forms, signatures and more. The program securely hosts all files and allows uses to search for them, organize them based on user-defined criteria and load them from within the system.

Ipswitch MOVEit

MOVEit is an ECM software solution that makes it easy to manage and locate any file at any given period. As users upload files into the database, the program logs all file transfer activity and sends out notifications for each successful transaction.

Synacor Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop is an ECM software solution that helps users synchronize files across all online and offline environments. The program integrates with a number of social media, calendar, email and file manager platforms and makes it easy to deliver their content to other users.

DocFinity Core

DocFinity Core is ECM and BPM software that provides users essential core modules as well as add-on modules to support any additional needs. The platform provides users with dynamic data validation and automated indexing tools, and can be configured to pull associated data from external data sources and third-party applications.