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DoseSpot is an e-prescription software solution that is primarily designed for dental practices and digital health companies. At the start, the program can embed its scripts and UI into most third party medical platforms. As customers come in for checkups, the system can connect each undergone procedure to a medication plan and form a comprehensive prescription for each patient’s visit.

DAW Systems Inc ScriptSure

ScriptSure is an e-prescription software solution that uses a number of preconfigured workflows to streamline prescription-related operations. Each time a patient comes in for a visit to receive medication, the program examines the patient’s medical history, warns users of harmful drug interactions and tracks allergies. Users can then check to see if the prescription is covered by insurance and send the request to a pharmacy via email.


MDToolbox-Rx is an e-prescription software solution that can easily integrate with third party EHR and practice management platforms to streamline the flow of all patient data. As users draft prescriptions for patients, the program warns users of drug allergies and harmful combinations, sets dosage levels based on a patient’s weight and pulls up all patient medication history. Users can then send online prescriptions to over 68,000 pharmacies across the US.

– KeyMedical Software KeyScribe

KeyScribe is eprescription software designed to facilitate eprescription processes and workflows. The platform works with KeyCharts electronic medical records software and KeyMed practice management software to create a full-featured system.

– Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe

Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe is an eprescription software solution that keeps all prescription operations online so that users do not need to manually distribute them. Users can send out prescriptions to patients through the program and check for a number of issues before finalizing them. For instance, the system watches out for Medicare penalties, potential harmful drug interactions and toxic dosage levels.

AdvantaChart Internal Medicine

AdvantaChart Internal Medicine is an EMR software solution designed for internal medicine specialists. At the start, patients need to fill out forms that detail their medical histories.

OA Systems RxCure

OA Systems RxCure is an electronic prescription software solution that aims to reduce prescription-related errors in the user’s practice. The program keeps all prescription data up-to-date, including drug histories and formulary information.

PatientKeeper ePrescription

PatientKeeper ePrescription helps users write prescriptions by streamlining the process and guarding against potential errors. Whenever users create a new prescription, the program makes sure that the patient is not allergic to the drug and not taking any conflicting medications.

– MedNet Medical eRx4MD

MedNet Medical eRx4MD is a prescription management software solution that can work independently or in conjunction with MedNet Medical emr4MD. The program has a full database for drug and dosing information and checks for drug allergies, adverse drug reactions, and drug-drug conflicts when you enter a prescription for a client.

VeinSpec EMR

VeinSpec EMR is an electronic medical records solution and practice management system designed for vascular clinics. The platform allows users to create a number of forms detailing vital signs, labs, prescriptions and other user-defined fields, and the program automatically records dictations.