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WebDPW is enterprise asset management software that maintains, manages, and tracks the public works infrastructure. The platform allows users to manages infrastructure assets, tracks the complete life, and provides users with product analysis.

UpKeep Maintenance Management

UpKeep Maintenance Management is facility management software designed for in-the-field technicians to access, edit and close work orders straight from their mobile devices or web. The platform allows users to submit a work order request and customize their work order forms with available templates.

5 Reasons to Implement Facility Management Software

Check out our handy infographic — a exclusive — to learn all about the benefits of FM software and discover just why it is so important that your company implement facility management software. Below you’ll find outlined five core advantages of investing in a facility management solution, and learn how your company can reap the benefits of a better organizational process for overseeing your facilities.

AccountAbility ELTON

AccountAbility ELTON is a facility maintenance management software solution that works within Salesforce to track all asset loans and returns. Users start out by uploading users, accounts, contacts, assets and asset details into their Salesforce accounts.

Are there CMMS softwares that are not web based? Why is web based better than a one time purchase software?

Health care clinic looking for a CMMS software to better manage facilities. Looking for alternative method instead of web-based programs

Eagle Technology MMX Cloud

MMX Cloud is a facility management and maintenance software solution that works across the cloud to handle a company’s assets. The program can integrate with an unlimited number of assets, inventory pieces and locations. After all assets are logged, users can set maintenance schedules, inventory reorder points and maintenance budgets.

Idox McLaren CAFM Explorer

McLaren CAFM Explorer is a facility maintenance management solution that helps facility managers operate efficient, safe and compliant facilities. The platform contains ten modules that help facilities manage cost control, space and properties.

ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor

ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor is a facilities management software solution that uses a program console to work with leases, view facility data, plan building usage and spacing and handle all assets and services. Additionally, the platform allows users to handle bookings and reservations for hotels.

ARCHIBUS Web Central

ARCHIBUS Web Central is a facilities management software solution for sharing information and issuing work orders across the web. The platform allows users to pull up facility and infrastructure information from any web-enabled browser and deliver it to any party.

ARCHIBUS Enterprise

ARCHIBUS Enterprise is a real estate and facilities management software solution with a modular, scalable program that works with real estate by providing lease and portfolio management, invoicing and forecasting tools. The platform allows users to plan space, issue asset transfers between locations, send out maintenance orders and take stock on conditions.