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InnoThink InfoTech InnoMaint

Innomaint is a cloud-based Equipment Management Software that monitors, measures and manages all maintenance activities, service technicians, and execution of the workforce from anywhere, at any time through web and mobile applications. The platform maintains an inventory of assets in order to track and record asset details through the asset’s lifecycle, automates preventative maintenance schedules, trigger reminders and enable escalation when preventative maintenance is overdue, and helps companies ensure that maintenance standards for workforces, worksites and equipment is established and followed.


MIDAS is facility management software that provides users with complete control over room booking and resource scheduling and is accessed entirely through web browser. The platform allows users to view and manage all scheduled bookings, staffing requirements and equipment resource allocation.

Tofino Resource Management Suite

Tofino Resource Management Suite is enterprise asset management software that provides users with a single integrated platform designed to manage inventory and maintenance as well as facilitate smart procurement. The platform provides users with a custom form builder for data collection and analysis, built-in document library and permission-based user access settings.

– KOHO Software ServiceDesk MSP

ServiceDesk MSP is facility maintenance software designed specifically for service providers that focuses on Windows desktop monitoring, network monitoring, performance monitoring and computer telephony integration. The platform is equipped with billing and account management, advanced analytics and technician auto assign tools.

– KOHO Software ServiceDesk+

ServiceDesk+ is facility management software that provides ITIL services desk and asset management tools. The platform allows users to create and publish service catalogs, conduct issue analysis and implement IT ticket workflow automation.


EFFECTIVE is a facilities and workplace management software solution that helps companies with space planning and management, move management, real-estate portfolio reporting and analysis and more. The platform allows users to use virtual floorplans, drag and drop seating charts, automated emails and move orders and real-time reports on cost and usage.


QuickFMS is facilities management software that provides product modules that specialize in property management, space management, facility asset management, physical asset management, maintenance management or help desk management. The platforms allow users to track live space utilization using access card data, increase space occupancy and create free space to promote better space allocation.

– ComVibe

ComVibe is a facility management software solution designed to optimize operations and improve service quality. ComVibe empowers maintenance technicians and contractors to complete tasks faster through real-time assignment and scheduling.

– Big Sky Facility and Operations Management

Big Sky Facility and Operations Management is facility management software designed to manage multiple locations and enables reactive, preventative and contracted maintenance processes. The platform is designed to be customized to suit company- and user- specific requirements, assist users with cost control, and provides vendor base management tools.


faciliCAD is facility management software designed to assist users with importing data into the system and provides user with either a graphical CAD manager application or a non-graphical data manager application. The platform allows users to manage space assignments and categories, generate space plans and tabular reports, and enter and manage employee data.