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Nasdaq BWise Risk Management

BWise Risk Management is governance, risk management, and compliance software designed to cover all risk management functionalities including risk identification, assessment, metric management, loss and incident management, and action management processes. The platform is designed to allow users to perform any part of the risk management process at any time in order to enable users to react to any risk profile changes as they happen, as well as allows users to configure the system in order to match business-specific risk management requirements.

MetricStream Risk Management

MetricStream Risk Management is risk and compliance management software that provides users with a framework designed to support multiple risk management functionalities including documentation processes, risk assessment, and audit management. The platform enables users to define system controls, identify issues, and implement remediation plans utilizing the built-in risk calculation tool.

MetricStream Vendor Governance

MetricStream Vendor Governance is governance and risk management software that provides users with a centralized system designed to manage all vendor governance, performance, risk and compliance processes. The platform enables users to extend processes across global vendor networks, aggregates and unifies vendor data within a common system, and provides users with system transparency and accountability.

MetricStream ISO 9000 Compliance

MetricStream ISO 9000 Compliance is compliance and quality management software that provides users with a process-centric approach towards quality management. The platform automates quality management processes, provides users with real-time quality metrics visibility, works to reduce costs accrued from poor quality, and ensures users comply with ISO 9000 standards.

CSC LicenseHQ

LicenseHQ is contract and compliance management software designed to ensure that users remain compliant with federal standards for all operations and licenses. For the area of inspections, the program tracks each inspection throughout its lifecycle.

Fabasoft Folio

Fabasoft Folio is a comprehensive ECM software solution with collaboration, business process management, and compliance enforcement functionality. For content management, the program can work with all e-mails, business cases, and documents to archive and make them easily searchable.

– Infor Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Infor Governance, Risk and Compliance suite is a top risk management solution that enables companies to manage compliance and auditing from a single UI.

Behind the Software Q&A with Convercent’s CEO and Chief Product Officer

In an industry inundated with dry segment names, Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) may be one of the most prosaic of them all. However, the name belies the fact that many companies use this software as their means of training and tracking employees on their core values. We sat down with Patrick Quinlan and Philip Winterburn, CEO and chief product officer of Convercent, respectively, about how their new brand of compliance software speaks to a world where more and more companies are placing their values and ethics at the forefront of what they do.

AlertEnterprise Enterprise Sentry

Enterprise Sentry is a family of online security software comprised of Sentry iPSIM, Sentry Cyber SCADA and Sentry Express. The platforms work to eliminate false alarms, speed up response time and delivery guided responses to incident handlers.

CloudPassage Halo

CloudPassage Halo, the award-winning cloud security platform, bridges the gap between traditional perimeter-oriented data center security and security in dynamic cloud environments.