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Wexoz Technologies Fleetroot

Fleetroot is a leading global provider of fleet management and IOT platform-as-a-service software for medium sized and enterprise businesses. The platform offers real-time insight into fleet activity, driver behavior, and sensors performance in order to enable users to improve fleet business efficiency.

Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking

Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking is advanced fleet tracking software that enables companies to monitor and manage mobile workforces through a 360 degree daily operation view. The platform provides companies with web-based maps designed to be accessible from any device and any location with an internet connection, near real-time status information for traffic, vehicles, field teams and mobile equipment, and dashboards that display trends by team, department or fleet, KPIs and budgets.

Omnitracs Roadnet Routing

Omnitracs Roadnet Routing is fleet tracking and management software that provides companies with a daily tactical routing tool that optimizes routes and balances profitability against customer requirements. The platform utilizes advanced algorithms and custom routing passes, enables users to create multiple intelligent route plans, and is designed to help companies reduce distribution costs and the number of miles fleet vehicles have to cover.

CorvusGPS EverTrack GPS Tracker

EverTrack GPS Tracker is a fleet tracking and field service management app that utilizes Android mobile phones and tablets as real-time GPS tracking devices. The platform allows companies to keep track of mobile work forces on a single map, share position related data with team members, and send arrival on field and task completion status updates to dispatchers.

Spireon FleetLocate

FleetLocate is fleet management software that provides users with intelligent data on fleet performance by driver and by vehicle. The platform provides users with real-time fleet visibility 24/7/365, monitors driver behavior such as speeding and idling, and alerts users to vehicle maintenance based on diagnosis.

Gofleet MyGeotab

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that allows users to view all vehicle and driver information in a central hub in order to facilitate timely, well-informed decision making. The platform is fully scalable in order to accommodate fleets of all sizes, generates customized reports and is equipped with rule configuration settings.


GPSTrackIt is a fleet tracking and management solution that helps businesses with fleets streamline and better track their vehicle operations. Fleet managers can easily review individual vehicle reports for maintenance and vehicle diagnostics, as well as track driver performance.


OnnaWay is a field employee tracking system that allows companies to track fleet vehicles in real time using an app, without the assistance of a GPS device. The platform allows drivers to simply download the app to their iOS and Android phone before fleet managers can begin monitoring fleet location and performance times.


mobi.Result turns raw GPS data into actionable information that users can utilize to see how their investments in personnel, equipment, time and money are influencing their bottom line. The platform allows users to work with GPS analytics to show key metrics such as cost per visit and revenue and identify variances between actual and planned performances.


mobi.Locate is GPS tracking software designed to quickly locate any vehicle within the user’s fleet in order to help users understand whether their employees are following their daily plan. With mobi.Locate, users gain control of operations, consumption, compliance and financials.