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Infographic: What You Will Save With GPS Fleet Tracking

While privacy is perhaps the largest concerns for those considering to implement a new tracking system, cost is the second. Today I take on the cost concern. First, by bringing to light the game-changing benefits that makes GPS fleet tracking a worthy solution for your fleet.

– eXensys SCM

eXensys SCM handles your inbound and outbound logistics, as well as all the things that go into maintaining a fleet.

Why GPS Fleet Tracking Isn’t the Privacy Violator You Feared

GPS Fleet Tracking looks — at first impression — a lot like ‘Big Brother’. GPS Fleet Tracking software seems like ‘Big Brother’. Yet this software can view map routes, follow movements in real time and greatly benefit your business.

Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Software

GPS fleet tracking systems take the guesswork out of fleet management. Dispatchers can map with real-time tracking, allowing drivers to take alternative routes and get to destinations faster. Download our Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking report for our comparison of leading fleet management solutions.

– Boatracs OmniTRACS

Boatracs OmniTRACS is a maritime satellite communications software solution that is powered by Qualcomm technology. Real-time data moves back and forth between your vessels and place of operations and is not subject to dead zones.

Reduce Fuel Costs with GPS Tracking Software

Unfortunately, the cost of fuel isn’t something fleets can hide from. We all know prices will continue to fluctuate and there’s nothing we can do about it. But, what you CAN do, however, is be proactive in keeping your fuel costs down. A GPS fleet tracking software solution is the ideal tool to keep your fuel costs under control. Here are a few real life examples.

What are your top 3 reasons for interest in GPS tracking?

As a manager of a business with a fleet of vehicles or other assets, what are the top 3 reasons […]

3 Essentials for Any GPS Fleet Tracking System

There’s no question that any modern logistical operation moving significant amounts of overland freight need a GPS fleet tracking system. The amount of investment and liability that goes into every shipment these days requires a level of security that goes well past hourly situation reports or logbooks kept on paper and pen.

The 5 Most Common Fleet Tracking Pitfalls

Fleet tracking still involves trucks, cargo, unexpected road hazards, and lots of logistical planning, but like many traditionally analog industries, fleet tracking is experiencing an overhaul of its core technologies as digital, wireless, and integrated systems make fleet optimization easier and more affordable for business of all sizes.

3 Metrics You Should Be Following in Your Fleet Tracking Software

There’s no avoiding it. When you implement any kind of tracking software, especially the sort that collects data in real time, by nature you’re going to be accumulating a ton of data. With all the different types of data a fleet tracking system logs–vehicle run time, amount of stops, idle time, mileage rates and routes progress to name a few–and the fact that many logistics fleets are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it follows that you’re going to have a good amount of raw data on your hands before long. Here are 3 metrics you should be tracking.