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Track Your Truck NetTrack

NetTrack is a GPS fleet tracking software solution that is built to be able to track vehicles of all types. The platform allows users to integrate their processes with Google Maps Enterprise, allowing users to view maps in a digital or satellite format, as well as offers an animated map replay as an added visualization tool.


GoTrack is a simple GPS tracking software and device line for small fleets or individual vehicles. The platform provides users with a compatible device for each software version, allows users to integrate with Google Maps, and displays real-time movements as well as bread crumb trails complete with fleet data and KPIs such as speed, mileage and any stops the vehicle makes.

– Wireless Matrix FleetOutlook

Wireless Matrix Fleet Outlook is a web and mobile application that provides visible mapping, fleet performance and tracking in relation to landmarks.

– Telogis Fleet

Telogis Fleet is a scalable fleet management solution that is able to track vehicles, high-value assets or personnel. The platform allows users to work with Standard, Professional or Enterprise versions for fast mapping with spatial clustering for faster fleet overviews.

Trimble VisionLink

VisionLink is fleet management software that is able to track and communicate real-time fleet progress, visually represented on a detailed map. The platform allows users 24 hour support and an online self-paced user training with self-study, virtual classroom and traditional instructor-led classroom courses.


NexTraq fleet tracking software is able to dispatch, schedule, route and manage small fleets of less than 20 vehicles or large fleets of over 250 vehicles. The platform allows users to integrate the visualization platform with Google maps, providing multi-stop routing, instant dispatching, real-time alerts, asset tracking and reporting.

– Fleetmatics Reveal

Fleetmatics Reveal is GPS fleet tracking software provides users with real-time fleet monitoring and management tools. The platform helps to prevent vehicle breakdowns by sending maintenance alerts based on calendars, engine on-time or mileage, works to reduce fuel costs by reducing instances of driver speeding, decreasing idle time and importing routing and dispatching processes, and supports fleet safety and security by identifying unauthorized vehicle use, locating stolen vehicles, and monitoring unsafe driving habits.

Fleetistics GO GPS Tracking Device

Fleetistics GO GPS Tracking is an enterprise-level fleet management system which tracks fleets as small as 1,000 and as big as 10,000 vehicles. The platform allows users to track driver behavior such as swerving or over-revving, differentiating freeway behavior from city behavior.

– Omnitracs MCP50

Omnitracs MCP50 is a fleet tracking management software that manages a fleet’s safety and regulatory compliance, keeping the fleet on track and on the road. The platform allows users to identify unsafe driving behaviors, track driver hours, automatically record driver logs and take part in two-way information exchanges.

Geotab MyGeotab

MyGeotab is GPS fleet tracking software that provides mapped real-time vehicle tracking with scroll-over details such as broken rules and speed levels. The platform allows users to store and view trip information with activity reporting for time spent at the office, at home, driving or together with other drivers.