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Webkul Software Qloapps

Qloapps is a comprehensive hotel booking and reservation system that enables hoteliers to launch intuitive and user-friendly hotel booking websites customized to support user- and company-specific requirements. The platform supports both online and on-desk booking processes, provides secure, integrated payment gateways, and is designed to integrate with Google Maps.

Same-Page CHOPAS

CHOPAS is property management software that focuses on HOA and condo association communications between board members and association members via community portal. The platform is equipped with document management capabilities, property task management tools, and a community calendar tool designed to manage group meetings, schedule staff, and track personal events.

DJUBO 360 Hotel Tech Suite

DJUBO 360 Hotel Tech Suite is a hotel management suite designed to manage all online and offline hotel management functionalities including booking, hotel sales desks, and guest communication. The platform automates room distribution across OTAs, offers cloud PMS capability, and automates room inventory management through a hotel channel manager function.


MIDAS is facility management software that provides users with complete control over room booking and resource scheduling and is accessed entirely through web browser. The platform allows users to view and manage all scheduled bookings, staffing requirements and equipment resource allocation.

Local Tech Series: Sydney, Australia

Tech hubs can be like gardens — sometimes they explode into jungles all on their own and sometimes they need someone to create the ideal environment in which to take root. In 2015, New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, announced that Australia’s Industrial Bays Precinct was next in line to become one such environment — turning a formerly disused area into an established support base for tech startups, incubators and accelerators.

Local Tech Series: Tel Aviv, Israel

Despite often finding the Silicon Valley-esque nomenclature attached to other tech-centric locations, the United States is not the exclusive home to technological development. Tel Aviv started attracting hi-tech firms in the 1960’s, and eventually landed a spot among the top startup ecosystems globally, maintaining that status ever since.

CoStar Real Estate Manager

CoStar Real Estate Manager is property management software that harnesses real estate and lease data in order to create and deliver actionable insights. The platform provides users with tools designed to perform lease accounting operations, lease administration, portfolio management activities, any company-oriented transactions, project management and construction operation procedures.

SimplifyEm Property Management Software

SimplifyEm Property Management Software is property management software that assists users in collecting rent online, utilizing property management forms and provides a directory of property management companies. The platform allows users to track expenses and full income, generate owner monthly reports and manage tenant and lease information.

Birth of a B&B: My Mom vs Hospitality Software Part Three

This being the conclusive chapter of the series means I’m almost done talking, but it doesn’t mean these topics are any less important. Social integration and front desk systems are ways to interact with your customers, both current and potential.

Birth of a B&B: My Mom vs Hospitality Software Part Two

Regardless of industry, all businesses deal with money, so of course hospitality management software comes equipped with tools and applications designed to handle it. While you (as the human in the relationship) will always have some level of responsibility to make sure numbers are added in the appropriate places, the crunching of said numbers can be left to the robots.