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Birth of a B&B: My Mom vs Hospitality Software Part One

My mom is not one of those people who doesn’t trust technology and wants to do everything by hand, a fact that makes my contribution easier since I don’t have to spend time convincing her that robots are not going to steal her thoughts and sell them to the government if she starts a Gmail account. Instead, I can jump straight into helping her explore the world of hospitality software and all the myriad ways it can help turn a house into a (temporary) home (for profit).

Meeting Application

Meeting Application is and event management application that assists businesses with event planning and organization. The software allows users to create a centralized hub for attendees and speakers to set up professional profiles and interact with each other and to make connections via external sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.


Regpack is registration software that allows users to create payment plans and invoices through an integrated payment process tool, and integrated online payment system and automate communication utilizing email triggers. The platform provides businesses with the ability to create custom forms with built-in widgets and field types, data validation tools and conditional logic.


AxisRooms is hotel management software suite that includes platforms for hotel channel management, hotel booking engine, business travel services, central reservation system, hotel digital marketing and premium rate shopping. The suite is designed for use by hospitality companies of all sizes including hotels and mid-segment hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts and homestays.


MyTime is an online appointment booking system that offers a suite of business management tools for scheduling, CRM and automated marketing. With the platform, businesses can access and manage their schedule from anywhere, including while on the go by using the Android and iPhone mobile apps.

5 Features of Event Management Software for Stress-Free Planning

With a robust event management software system, an event planner can smoothly track guest lists, organize master calendars, create event websites, receive e-signatures, manage budgets and more. When choosing to incorporate a management system, it is crucial to analyze the features of event management software that address a business’s needs.


PocketSuite is an online booking application that allows users to manage appointments and oversee client invoicing through their mobile devices. Through the application, users can set up meetings with clients, accept reservations and send appointment reminders. In the event that one party is running late or needs to reschedule an appointment, the program can send a direct message with an update.


StivaSoft is an online booking software solution that uses intelligent booking logic to take reservations and oversee room availability. The program can be embedded as a widget on hotel websites that guides customers through the booking process step by step.

4 Features of Restaurant Management Software to Spice Up Your Business

Whether you are still deciding to invest in restaurant management software or are researching defining functions, here are (in no particular order) four features of restaurant management software that help streamline business operations.

– ComVibe

ComVibe is a facility management software solution designed to optimize operations and improve service quality. ComVibe empowers maintenance technicians and contractors to complete tasks faster through real-time assignment and scheduling.