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3 Online Booking Systems for Businesses to Streamline Scheduling

Researching booking system options doesn’t have to be a negative experience — comparing solutions on your own can improve your odds of discovering a product or company that specializes in the type of bookings your company is looking to take. Learn about some of the core features to look for in booking software, plus three powerful online booking systems for businesses.

Drupal Rooms

Drupal Rooms is a hotel management software solution that allows users to control all bookings for their facilities. The program works directly on hotel websites and can take down customer information on room requests and payment.

5 Reasons Why You Need Event Management Software

When planning and executing a successful event, there are many moving pieces that must fall into place to function like a set of well-calibrated gears. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of easy-to-use tools to prevent the spoilage of your day, in the form of event management software. Below are five important reasons why you should consider a software solution for your event planning and management needs.

Booking Bug

Booking Bug is an event management software solution that handles all appointment bookings with guests and customers. The program UI can be fully customized and works directly across company websites to receive bookings from guests and customers.

Top 3 Event Management Software Solutions

A well-implemented event management software system can mean the difference between your event being a hit and being a flop — so finding one that fits your needs is critical. Here are our picks for the top 3 event management software providers that cover the span of simple ticketing platform to end-to-end project management.

Top 5 Event Management Software

Good event management software helps centralize every aspect of event planning and execution on one platform, giving organizers a comprehensive view of their event from start to finish. Download our free Top 5 Event Management Software report to learn more about the top event management systems

Agilysys Insight Mobile Manager

Insight Mobile Manager is a hotel management software solution that works across mobile devices to provide users with key information on hotel operations. Upon logging into the program, users can see information on incoming guests, room occupancy rates, VIP arrivals and staffing numbers.

Jinisys Software Property Management System

Property Management System is a property management software solution that can maintain all controlled property units and relationships with tenants. Upon logging into the program, users can view the status of each unit along with its value. In the event that a new customer wants to rent out a space, users can schedule a reservation, take care of all property paperwork and complete check-in.

How to find the best Hotel Channel Management Software

Agilysys Visual One PMS

Visual One PMS is a hotel management software solution that works with guests throughout the stay lifecycle. At the start, guests can head to the hotel website to create online reservations and request quotes for special packages and group bookings.