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5 Hotel Management Software Solutions to Boost Customer Service in 2015

Good software, much like great customer service, is best when invisible. With that being said, how do you pick the right provider so you aren’t the hotel left in the dust? Here we’ll take a look at five hotel management software companies that do a fantastic job for companies of all sizes and needs.


BookSteam is online booking and scheduling software that enables users to book and attract new customers, accept online payments, and build customer relationships. The platform is equipped with email and SMS reminders and booking confirmation settings, provides users with a client database management tool, and enables users to manage contact information and profiles.


10to8 is online booking software that enables businesses to automate and track customer appointments. The platform allows users to create and update appointments, access appointment schedule via mobile devices and set automatic appointment reminders.

Features to Look for in Hotel Management Software

Hotel managers want to be able to book all of their rooms and leave a good impression on their customers from when they arrive to when they check-out. Thankfully, there are plenty of hotel management solutions to help them gain a tight control of all of their venues, without all the hassle of doing the mundane tasks in the process, in one location.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a booking and scheduling software solution that takes online appointments for professional service companies. Guests can go online to request their service types, staff members and appointment times. Once an appointment is booked, the program adds it to the appropriate user’s calendar.


Checkfront is a booking and scheduling software solution that is designed for rental, tour and accommodation companies. The program works directly with company websites and allows guests to request services and appointment times.

Event Farm Attend

Attend is an event management software solution that makes it easy to run events throughout their entire lifecycles. At the start of the lifecycle, users can create a registration webpage from a library of customizable forms, invite guests over email and track all email responses.


etouches is an event management software solution that is designed to process a large number of guest registrations throughout the course of a year. The program comes with a number of modules that allow users to build event webpages, process guest registrations and promote events through different online channels.


Gather is an event management software solution that is designed to put on events at restaurant spaces. At the start of an event lifecycle, users can process event requests from customers and draft quote proposals for them. Once the agreement is signed, the program can put the event on a company calendar, track all guest attendance commitments and charge a customer credit card.

– Takeplace

Takeplace is an event management software solution that streamlines all event-related operations from any type of mobile device. When creating a new event, users can choose from one of many event templates, add in event details and set up ticket structures.