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Perfect Price

Perfect Price is AI-powered revenue and price optimization software that identifies optimal pricing by utilizing third-party data and forecasting tools. The platform automates pricing changes, predicts demand and adapts to market conditions in real-time.

DJUBO 360 Hotel Tech Suite

DJUBO 360 Hotel Tech Suite is a hotel management suite designed to manage all online and offline hotel management functionalities including booking, hotel sales desks, and guest communication. The platform automates room distribution across OTAs, offers cloud PMS capability, and automates room inventory management through a hotel channel manager function.


MIDAS is facility management software that provides users with complete control over room booking and resource scheduling and is accessed entirely through web browser. The platform allows users to view and manage all scheduled bookings, staffing requirements and equipment resource allocation.

5 Hotel Management Software Solutions to Boost Customer Service in 2015

Good software, much like great customer service, is best when invisible. With that being said, how do you pick the right provider so you aren’t the hotel left in the dust? Here we’ll take a look at five hotel management software companies that do a fantastic job for companies of all sizes and needs.

Features to Look for in Hotel Management Software

Hotel managers want to be able to book all of their rooms and leave a good impression on their customers from when they arrive to when they check-out. Thankfully, there are plenty of hotel management solutions to help them gain a tight control of all of their venues, without all the hassle of doing the mundane tasks in the process, in one location.

eZee Centrix

eZee Centrix is a hotel management software solution that helps manage property rates and inventory across various travel websites. Staff will be able to monitor performance across different channels and strategize accordingly.

eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is a hotel management software solution with a full suite of features that handles everything for the user’s hotel. The software can perform front desk tasks such as check-in, check-out and applying extra charges as well as cashiering features like invoicing, expenses and commissions.

Drupal Rooms

Drupal Rooms is a hotel management software solution that allows users to control all bookings for their facilities. The program works directly on hotel websites and can take down customer information on room requests and payment.

Agilysys Insight Mobile Manager

Insight Mobile Manager is a hotel management software solution that works across mobile devices to provide users with key information on hotel operations. Upon logging into the program, users can see information on incoming guests, room occupancy rates, VIP arrivals and staffing numbers.

Agilysys Visual One PMS

Visual One PMS is a hotel management software solution that works with guests throughout the stay lifecycle. At the start, guests can head to the hotel website to create online reservations and request quotes for special packages and group bookings.