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JZero Solutions JLMS

JLMS is a learning management solution designed to do everything required for a straight forward, out-of-the-box solution at an affordable price. The platform is fully scalable, and allows users to customize the system in order to reflect their company’s identity, as well as provide learners with an easy-to-use system.

Conduct Exam Online Exam Software

Conduct Exam Online Exam Software is web-based learning management software built to help organizations, corporations and educational institutions conduct online assessments and surveys. The platform provides users with an integrated package of software applications designed to facilitate web-based tests, offline exams, computer-based tests, and center-base tests, and can analyze exam results through various reports per the user’s requirements, as well as display test results immediately to the test-taker.


HandyTrain is a mobile-first platform that helps organizations train and engage distributed workforces on-the-go. The platform enables users to train multiple employees in multiple locations simultaneously, create training programs through a simple authoring tool as well as provides the option of hiring a third-party content provider or utilizing stock content from the content library, and assesses training retention or retraining requirements through assessment quizzes.

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Roundtable LMS

Roundtable LMS is learning management software designed to scale and equipped with a configurable interface that allows features and functionality to be switched on or off as the user’s organization grows and changes. The platform can be branded to look like the user’s company made the solution, allows users to create and utilize a knowledge repository for future learners, and provides organizations with ecommerce functionality so that users can sell elearning courses through their preferred payment processor.

Examination Online

Examination Online a learning management software solution ideal for any organization that needs a custom and flexible learning management and training solution. The platform offers the unique ability to customize the off-the-shelf product as per specific user requirements, allows users to implement private branding themes so that users can resell content to other businesses and consumers, and allows users to access the system from any device.

Abara LMS

Abara LMS is learning management software specifically designed for corporates, training and elearning companies, and offers a best-in-class features set. The platform is equipped with a fully responsive and smartphone-ready interface, allows users to incorporate company branding and color schemes, and offers unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Epignosis TalentLMS

TalentLMS is content management software that enables businesses and organizations to build and deliver multi-purpose training programs. The platform is scalable to any size, is a feature-rich and mobile-ready system, and is designed to work as a corporate training solution for employees, partners and customers.


TestMent is online exam and testing software that provides users with a full-featured test series website with unique, user- or organization-specific domain names and enables users to sell test series online like ecommerce websites. The platform is designed to support institution-centric information, news and notification pages, as well as provides users with a student-centric administration panel including student dashboards, test access, reports, downloads, messages and questions.

IMC Learning Suite

IMC Learning Suite is elearning management software designed to support the user’s full learning management process. The suite is built with flexible software architecture, provides users with the ability to combine individual components, allows users to customize configuration settings, and is designed to integrate with a variety of functionalities in order to ensure the suite is best suited for user- and organization-specific processes and workflows.