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ocProducts Composr CMS

Composr CMS is open source CMS software designed to provide users with a flexible CMS solution with advanced social, interactive and dynamic functionality. Almost all features offered with the platform are optional, enabling users to decide which functionalities they want or need while excluding any they don’t, and is built to support multiple content types including catalogues, galleries, calendars, news, blogs, quizzes, structured wikis, downloads and document libraries.

Lightbend Reactive Platform

Lightbend Reactive Platform is application development software designed specifically to build Reactive systems utilizing an open source core. The enterprise suite includes application management, intelligent monitoring, enterprise integrations, advanced tooling and application security tools.

Axelor CRM

Axelor CRM is open source CRM software integrated within the Axelor ERP system, and is designed to manage the entire customer relationship management lifecycle. The platform helps users attract prospects and optimize prospecting processes, track opportunities, centralize data and manage all business relationships within a single system.

Ilscipio Scipio ERP

Scipio ERP is an open source enterprise resource planning system that provides users with a wide range of business applications and a multi-channel ecommerce component. The platform is based on Apache OFBiz, is equipped with built-in clustering technologies, and is designed to scale efficiently under an increasing load.

Webkul Software Qloapps

Qloapps is a comprehensive hotel booking and reservation system that enables hoteliers to launch intuitive and user-friendly hotel booking websites customized to support user- and company-specific requirements. The platform supports both online and on-desk booking processes, provides secure, integrated payment gateways, and is designed to integrate with Google Maps.

WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server provides security and identity management of enterprise web applications, services and APIs.

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus is an open-source ESB with development, configuration and SOA support. WSO2 ESB offers the framework for businesses to oversee thousands of requests simultaneously with a lean footprint.

WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager is a complete API management solution designed to help companies build and publish APIs, manage a developer community and route API traffic. The platform offers production-ready integration, security and governance components from the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Identity Server and WSO2 Governance Registry.


OpenCATS is open source applicant tracking software designed to manage the full recruitment lifecycle from business development to finalizing a placement. The platform is equipped to manage candidate data including details, qualifications, resumes and CVs, and contact history, open job information such as details, associated contacts and candidate pipeline, and multiple recruiters, sites, and career portals.

The Best Software for Open Source Content Management

Open source CMS solutions are great – offering all of the benefits of streamlining content management without the hefty price. But, with so many on market, it can be hard knowing which to choose. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list of the best open source content management software out there to help.